Lower Water Bills: How to Save Money on Your Water Bill

Saving on Water and Water Bill
Saving on Water and Water Bill

As energy bills continue to rise across the country, water bills have risen 80% in the last decade. So this means that people are worried about how they will afford their next shower…

Thankfully, you’ve come to the right place for help and guidance with water savings. Water bills come with owning a house or renting an apartment. It’s an essential part of our daily lives.

However, there are some small things you can try to reduce your water bills and avoid dipping into your household savings for repairs. This article will give you the best water bill reduction tips.

Ready? Let’s start with the basics.

Keep Your Tea Water to a Minimum

Most of us like to drink a hot cup of tea or coffee throughout our day, but if you’re constantly pouring in more water than you need, it could lead to a lot of waste.

Therefore, when you feel like boiling water for a drink or cooking, be mindful of how much liquid you need and stop when you have enough.

This will stop you from using excess water on small things like hot drinks.

Use the Washing Machine for Full Loads

Besides using the kettle, the washing machine is another everyday use for water. A subtle way of reducing your water bills is to wait until the laundry basket is full.

Even though it can be tempting to wash a small batch of clothes, it’s better to wait if you’re trying to have lower water bills. You can also mix dark and lights at a low temperature if you want to squeeze more in at once.

Using your washing machine only when it’s entirely loaded will optimize energy efficiency and leave you with more money in your bank account.

Switch to the Dishwasher

If you enjoy a half-hour washing the dishes in your home but want a water bill reduction in the following months, it’s time to start using the dishwasher.

Of course, the dishwasher can be expensive to run if you leave it on twice a day and only put a few plates or cups inside at a time. However, you can make the most of this machine the same way as a washing machine.

This is perfect if you have children or lots of people in your home as it allows you to do the dishes once, and you can limit your water usage. If you’re fortunate to have a dishwasher at home, start using it immediately!

Buy a Washing Bowl

However, if you don’t have access to a dishwasher and still want to improve your water savings, then you can still clean your plates and save water. For instance, buying a washing bowl is excellent for preserving water.

These containers work by placing them in the sink and filling it whole with water. Instead of using the entire sink for cleaning the dishes, you can put a high volume into the smaller space.

You can let the dishes pile up in the washing bowl and tackle them after work. It allows washing less frequently and forces you to use the water cautiously when cleaning.

Time Your Showers

We all love getting home from a long day of work or socializing and jumping in a hot shower. But, if you’re spending more than 15 minutes in the shower, you’re wasting more water than in a bath.

So, the next time you want to treat yourself to a long shower, consider the amount of time it will take and time yourself. You can still benefit from the hot water but not increase your water bills.

Watch Out for Water Leaks

Dripping and Leaking Faucet
Dripping and Leaking Faucet

Most of us overlook small leaks when trying to conserve water and save more money, but a drip can cost you an extra $60-$100 a year if you don’t get better plumbing.

Some of the common places to find leaks are in the following areas of a home:

  • Dripping faucets
  • Leaking shower heads
  • Running toilet

Therefore, it’s time to call a plumber if you spot any excess water dripping around your home. You can save money on water bills by fixing the problem immediately.

Like many household issues, the worst thing you can do is leave the water dripping and hope it disappears. As long as you call a plumber to have a look, you can solve the problem quickly and save money in the future.

Turn off the Tap After Brushing Your Teeth

When you’re brushing your teeth, it’s essential to turn off the tap once you’ve finished. During the late evening, you might be tired and leave it running for five minutes while flossing.

But, all those minutes add up and can amount to a large water bill. The easiest trick in this water bill reduction guide is turning the tap off while brushing.

Plus, you can start today and practice using less water before bed tonight.

Ultimately, you’ll be able to decrease your water bills by making mindful choices about your water consumption.

It doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a long bath or stop washing your clothes; it only means that you should be mindful. The next moment you go to wash your dishes, think about using the dishwasher or wash bowl.

And, you’ll see the money benefits on the next water bill!

However, if you run into any problems with leaks, we’re here to help.

Water Savings That Are Easy and Affordable 

As bills continue to rise and people become more worried about paying outstanding loans or mortgages, your water savings is the last thing you need to stress over.

Now that you have these fantastic tips, you can check water off your list of expenses and ensure you don’t face a huge water bill again.

Our team is ready to fix any leaks or dripping faucets if you have difficulty with a household appliance. All you have to do is message us and book an appointment

Don’t let the water go to waste; let us fix your faulty shower heads and taps.


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