Toilet Repair and Installation


Toilet repair and installation is a complex task due to the many parts and functionality.  There are more than 15 parts which makes a toilet function and run properly more so, they all must work in sync with each other.  A clogged toilet will require a professional plumber with tools and skills in plumbing drain systems, different toilet designs and experience in sewer backup cleaning.

toilet leak repair, toilet clog rooter and toilet installation in Tampa, FL.
toilet leak repair, toilet clog rooter and toilet installation in Tampa, FL.

Toilet Drain Rooter and Unclogging Service

Clogged toilet or toilet backup is caused by constriction in the toilet trap or main sewer drainpipe.  Although, you can snake your toilet or plunge it several time in order to increase the drain speed or reduce the backup of water, the problem may simply be pushed down the line into your main sewer drainpipe causing a larger problem further downstream from the toilet trap.  A plumber provided by Choice Plumbing in Tampa will first diagnose you toilet trap drain before further testing your main sewer line with a camera.  A sewer drain camera will allow the plumber and you to pinpoint the source of the blockage material and exact area which is causing the clogged drain.

Toilet Leak Repair

Toilet leaks and repairs are easily done using the proper tools and parts.  As you can see in the toilet diagram there are several toilet parts which both hold water and provide water to the toilet.  These parts are usually need new seals when aging.  Further, a toilet is mounted to the floor or base using anchors, flange and wax ring which overtime make work their way loose allowing drain water and odor to enter your bathroom.  Repairs to the base of your toilet may be more complex and costly than the simple toilet flapper repair or replacement of a toilet tank fill valve.  We can repair or rebuild your toilet quickly and save you money.

“A running toilet can use 90,000 gallons of water every 30 days”~  OUC

Toilet Rebuild Service

Toilet rebuild service is often provided by a Tampa Plumber when the toilet tank parts have aged to the point of malfunction or inability to be repaired.  The toilet tank which contains several parts including fill valve, flush valve, seals and more are replace with new parts.  Your toilet tank rebuild may include all the parts found in the toilet water tank.


New Toilet Installation – Toilet Replacement Service

New toilet installation or toilet replacement service is needed when a toilet fixture is cracked at base where mounts can no longer be attached or upon bathroom remodel.  In most cases toilets have a long life if properly used and maintained. Installation or replacement of a toilet should be done by a professional plumber that understand the procedures.