Plumbing Service in Lakeland & Polk County

Plumbing service in Lakeland and Polk County available in the following communities:

  • Lakeland
  • Plant City
  • Winter Haven
  • Haines City
  • Davenport

Plumbing Repair Services Available in Lakeland and Polk County Cities:

Our plumbers can repair or replace the following plumbing problems on any fixture or brand:

Plumbing service in Lakeland and Polk County surroundings. Our plumbers are available 24/7 for any plumbing repair or plumbing problems you may have.  We repair water heaters, water leaks, clogged drain and sewer lines. All services include  1 year parts and labor warranty. Choice Plumbing is a State Certified, Licensed and Insured for your safety and assurance.    Call our Plumber 813-570-7257

Clogged Drain Cleaning Service

Our drain rooter is fast and efficient in cleaning clogged drains, sewer drains and drain backups.  Our plumber is skilled and equipped to provide emergency plumbing service 24/7.  If your drain backup is caused by a crack in a sewer main pipe located outdoors in the yard or under your home we will diagnose the problem by inserting a drain camera into the drain line and locate the area and source of the backup or damage to drain-line.  Our Plumber will show you the problem before we make any repairs, and give you  all the repair options for you to choose.

Drain Hydrojetting (Sewer Drain Pipe Jetting)

Hydrojetting drain and sewer pipe cleaning process will unclog your drains and relieve your plumbing system from slow drain or backup.  Think of it as “pressure washing” the inside of your drain lines.  We uses a sewer pipe camera to asses the needs for a hydrojet cleaning process and provides the homeowner a before and after view of the inside of their sewer line.  There are many advantages to hydrojetting drain lines, here are some to consider:

  • Unclogging of the toughest blocks in your drain pipe.
  • Flushes all the solids and blockage.
  • Cleans the build-up and constrictions on the drain pipe walls.
  • Fast, Efficient and Cost Effective.
  • Environmentally friendly drain cleaning solution.

Drain Snaking (Plumber Snake)

The use of plumber snake with an auger tip has been around for years.  It comes in different forms, shapes, materials and lengths.  Although a plumber snake maybe a solution for sinks and toilets, it will still require a professional that understand how they work in order to be properly used.  A misuse of a plumber snake can cause damage to plumbing fixtures and even drain lines.  A professional plumber understands when to use a manual or powered drain snake with an auger tip that can unclog your drain without damage.  Large power plumber snakes are often inserted from the roof top vent or clean-out access in the homeowner’s yard working upstream until they reach the blockage.


A drain camera such as the one used by Choice Plumbing in Lakeland and Polk County will locate the source and area of the clogged drain and will provide the homeowner a visual of the problem prior to any recommended solutions. Our drain cleaning camera is used in all clogged drain cleaning including main sewer cleaning service.



Sink Drain Cleaning

Kitchen Sink Drain Cleaning

Drain cleaning and unclogging service provides comfort and functionality of your plumbing. Kitchen sink drains are often clogged from food and grease residue our service can find why your sink is not draining and where the block is in the drain or sewer line using the latest technology like sewer and pipe camera.

Garbage Disposal Repair & Installation

Garbage Disposal repair or replacement is often the need when a kitchen sink fails to drain.  The garbage disposal unit is attached to the bottom of your sink and is part of your drain system. The various failures and malfunctions found in garbage disposal often restricts or even cause a complete drain blockage.  Our Plumber is equipped with all the parts and supplies needed for any kitchen sink including a new garbage disposal unit.  Get a free quote on a new Garbage Disposal installation with a 1 year warranty.

Bathroom Sink Drain Cleaning

Bathroom sink drain is usually clogged because of  hair, soap scum buildup or debris which are stuck in the sink drain causing the water to drain slow or not at all.  Our professional plumbers are trained to inspect and provide the simplest and most affordable sink draining solutions.  Don’t stress call our emergency plumber service today for a quick and affordable drain cleaning service anywhere around North Tampa.

toilet clogged and not drain. Choice Plumbing toilet drain cleaning

Toilet drain cleaning and unclogging is most important to your health.  Your toilet backup and overflow is considered a biohazard contaminate.  We have an emergency plumber for all your toilet backup and sewage overflow.  Their services even include sewage overflow recovery, decontamination and disinfecting solutions.  A rapid response will prevent the exposure to hazardous and infectious conditions. If your toilet or home is having a slow draining problem call a professional plumber near you immediately. Sometime the drain cleaning and unclogging requires a sewer camera before and after cleaning.


“Treat a slow drain before your home is exposed to toilet or sewage contamination, its cheaper and healthier!” ~ Nick Shif, Owner\Operator of Choice Plumbing.


Shower & Bathtub Drain Cleaning

Drain cleaning and clogged drain lines

Shower and bathtub drains are often constricted with the combination of hair and residue of soap.  Unlike sink drains, showers and bathtubs do not provide access to the  p-trap drain often located in the floor.  If the blockage is in close proximity to the drain a plumber snake would be effective in unclogging the drain otherwise, the plumber must use a power snake from the main sewer drain access point outside the home.  Our shower and bathtub drain cleaning service is accompanied by an in-line drain camera which will pinpoint the location of the blockage and its distance from the access point.




Water Leak Repairs

“Leak size of a  pinhead can waste 360,000 gallons a year” ~  OUC

Water leak detection and repairs should be treated as an emergency.  Leaking pipes and fixtures will often begin to water damage your cabinet, floor or wall.  In addition, neglected water leaks will continue to weaken the pipe or fixture which will eventually cause a catastrophic failure and flooding your home.  Choice Plumbing recommends that you repair your leaks immediately, if you do not know the source of the leak or you have a  leak is inside the wall or floor, call our plumber in Lakeland and Polk County for fast plumbing repair service today. Our plumber is available 24/7 for any emergency leak or broken pipe.

Sink & Drain Leak Repair

Sink and drain leaks are often go unnoticed for weeks or months, only to be discovered by accident or notice of mildew or mold rot odor caused by plumbing leak.  Sink and drain leaks can easily be fixed and are reasonably inexpensive, if discovered upon plumbing failure.  Your sink and sink drain leak my only need a drain p-trap or a water valve replacement in order to avoid thousands of dollars in wall, floor and cabinet damages.  We can unclog your kitchen sink drain and slow home water draining problems in a fast and affordable way.

Shower Head, Faucet, Sink and Toilet Leak Repair

“A running toilet can use 90,000 gallon of water every 30 days”~  OUC

Drips and leaks from plumbing fixtures can increase your water bill each year by as much as $60.00-$100.00! and if you have multiple leaks the cost is even higher.  In addition to the annoying drip sounds, leaks can cause pre-mature wear to plumbing fixtures and ugly stains.  Repairing leaks in toilets, faucets and shower heads will improve the functionality of your home and will save you money on replacing your plumbing fixtures and water bills.  We repair and install plumbing sinks, toilets and fixtures damaged by leaks, cracks or aging.  A professional plumber can often replace a valve or even a small seal that will prevent greater damage.

Water Pipe Leak Repair

Water pipe leaks in North Tampa are common and mostly caused by aged copper pipes or even old clay sewer pipes.  If you have a water pipe leak or have encounter frequent water line leaks randomly throughout your home’s plumbing system, it may be time to consider a plumbing  re-pipe.  A repipe of your home is cheaper than the damage awaiting you at the least expected time.  Being proactive and having a licensed plumbing contractor professional like Choice Plumbing can inspect your plumbing before buying a home or upon your suspicion that your plumbing system is aged beyond safe operation, is the smartest approach to preventing a flood caused by a plumbing pipe failure.

Wall & Floor Plumbing Leak Repair

Water leak in wall and water leak in floor are the “silent killer”.  Slab leak caused by breach or crack in a water line my not be visible for days or weeks.  When a slab leak finally surface a homeowner may have paid hundreds of dollars in increased water bill and even encountered floor damage.  Under floor water leak could be from a water feed pipe or sewer drain pipe, both causing a major problem requiring a professional plumber.  Sewer drain pipe leaks are caused by old pipes which are rotted or cracked and in some cases sewer pipe is breached by roots from near by trees.  Sewer leaks should be taken seriously and repaired immediately in order to prevent biohazard contamination or exposure to germs and bacteria found in sewage water.

Wall leaks are often noticed much sooner than the sewage leaks in floor slab or ground.  Water often found at the base of the wall or a wet area on dry wall are an indication of a leaking water pipe in wall.  The simply pin hole which drips or sprays the dry wall will yield a wet spot that is easily noticeable.  Plumbing leaks in wall which are discovered and repaired promptly are affordable and prevent extensive damage are unnecessary insurance clams.  Our emergency plumber can be dispatched and hired to repair wall and floor slab leaks fast, often within a couple of hours from the time you call.



Water Heater Repair & Installation

Water Heater Repair and Installation

Water heater repair is fast and affordable when using a licensed professional water heater plumber.  A water heater repair technician like that which is dispatched by Choice Plumbing has all the tools and parts to diagnose, repair or replace your water heater.  Water heater leak or water heater malfunction can be quickly repaired alleviating the stress and water damage to your home.  If you searched a water heater plumber near me and need an emergency plumber for your water heater problem call our Plumbing Emergency Hotline at 813-993-6249

Electric Water Heater

Electric water heater repair can be done by a professional plumber that is trained and understand the water and electrical system of a water heater.  Often, unless for a viable water leak, a water heater my have encountered an electrical failure in the heating element, timer or thermostat.  An electrical and mechanical inspection of the water heating unit must be thoroughly done using the proper diagnostic tool prior to any repairs or replacement.  If your water heater tripped the electrical breaker, leaking water or is not heating properly call a licensed professional plumber.

Gas Water Heater

Gas water heater and gas water boiler are dangerous if improperly functioning or maintained by an unqualified technician.  Gas water heaters are more complex than electric water heaters due to safety and fire protection design.  If you have a gas water heater which needs repairs or maintenance you should seek a plumber that is certified and licensed to work on LP and Natural Gas Water Heaters.

Tankless Water Heater

Rinnai tankless water heater repair, replacement or new installation are provided 24/7 by our certified plumber.  No hot water flow are most commonly caused by ignition or flame failure, air inlet or exhaust restriction.  Other service needs may be due to mineral build-up or system overload.  Choice Plumbing is a certified plumber for gas or electric tankless water heater with the ability to repair or replace your water heater today.