Most Common Water Heater Problems

Most Common Water Heater Problems

Here are some easy to diagnose common problems you may encounter when troubleshooting your water heater. You do not need to be a plumber or an electrician to diagnose these common problems which cause a water heater failure and most likely why you have no hot water. A professional plumber in Tampa provides us with these easy steps to diagnosing the

Water Heater Electrical Damage
Water Heater Electrical Damage

famous “No Hot Water Problem”.

Irregular Water Temperature – Fluctuation in Hot Water Temperature

If you notice that the water temperature fluctuates although you did not change the setting, you may have a faulty thermostat.  A typical water heater may have two thermostats which control the heating of the upper and lower part of your water storage tank.  These thermostats turn the heating elements on and off in order to maintain the desired water temperature.  Typically, they are set to 120 deg. by the factory.  A faulty thermostat may cause the element to stay on and overheat the water or at times not turn on at all causing the water to remain cold.

The Tank Is Leaking

If you notice water or moisture on or around your water heater, don’t panic!  These activities may be completely normal or a simple repair. Here are some common reasons why you have a water leak around your water heater:

  • Drip Tube
  • Condensation
  • Cracked water line
  • Leaking water valve

It is advised and wise to repair these minor and simple problems as prolonging and allowing them to create an emergency could be costly.  Small leaks will eventually become large leaks that can cause a flood or electrical fire.

Cracking and Popping Sound

It’s not about to explode. The strange cracking and popping sound you hear or feel by touching your water heater tells a story about the quality of your water.  If your home is plagued with “hard water”, water which is high in minerals, such will eventually cause a sediment build-up in your hot water tank.  In most cases you simply need to flush your tank and the problem will go away.  To prolong the life of your water heater you should always consider installing a water filtration to treat the water.  NOTE: some water heater manufacturers will void\null their warranty if you do not install a pre-filter to treat the water fed into the water heater.

Tripped Breaker

An electrical breaker tells a story that you better listen to.  By design a breaker is there to avoid a major emergency, an electrocution or fire.  If a water heater is tripping the breaker, it’s typically due to the heater’s excessive draw of amps. This overdraw of amps can be caused by a failure in the heating element, thermostat control or damaged electrical wire.

 If your water heater tripped your breaker, call a water heater certified repair service immediately, do not reset your breaker as you may cause harm to your home or someone else.

Need Help with Your Water Heater?

If you need help troubleshooting your water heater or would like a second opinion about your existing water heater, call a licensed and certified water heater repair service near Tampa.

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