How To Find The Best Plumber Near You

How To Find The Best Plumber Near You


When needing a repair, or facing a plumbing emergency, finding a reliable and certified plumbing service is invaluable.   Plumbing problems can cause havoc in your home or commercial property. A small leak or clogged drains that overflow can cause large and expensive damage to your home.  Here is how you can find the best plumbing company in Tampa according to your needs.

Looking for a plumber
Looking for a plumber for a repair

What Kind of  Plumbing Work Do You Need?

Local plumbers  and plumbing companies are not all created equal.  Plumbers often acquire a skill and certification in a particular type of plumbing field, but not another.  Example: A construction plumber may be qualified and skilled in the installation of a sewer-line, but may not have the understand and skill of how to troubleshoot a sewer backup or even how to fix the stoppage in your drain.  Plumbers generally fall into three categories:

Service Plumbers

A service plumber is a technician that is skilled and certified in troubleshooting plumbing problems in existing systems.  A service plumber provides repairs to leaks, repair and install water heaters, unclog drains and repair sewer-pipes.  In general, a service plumber in the Tampa area specializes in the repair, installation and maintenance of existing plumbing systems in residential environment.

Remodeling Plumbers

Remodeling plumbers provide such that, they replace old plumbing fixtures and even the old plumbing in the walls.  A remodeling plumbing company must be licensed by the state, registered with the county and\or city and, for your protection insured.  A plumbing company that provides remodeling or new construction services will not have the expertise or proper tools to efficiently resolve existing plumbing problems such as “no hot water” or finding a leak in your floor.  They have the skill and mindset of installing new plumbing not repairing or maintaining them.

New Construction Plumbers

Unless you are building a new home, you most likely will not encounter or engage with a new construction plumbing contractor.  Construction plumbing companies are deployed by the General Contractor who manages and supervises their work.  It is not recommended that you call a plumbing company that specializes in construction when you have a plumbing problem at home.  Like remodeling plumbing companies, new construction plumbers are not available for after-hours or emergencies.

Visit Company Websites

Once you have a list of possible candidates, visit their website’s “about us” to view their credentials and services. Although a contractor may specialize in plumbing repair, they may only serve residential customers. Commercial and industrial plumbing services are often different from those provided for residential customers. Plumbing repairs include a wide range of services. Websites should provide you with a list of the company’s credentials, services, guaranty and warranty policy.

General Tips for Finding a Reliable Plumbing Service

Finding a reliable plumbing company with certified plumbers is essential for any plumbing repair or emergency. Even if you only need to hire local plumbers for simple repairs, you should confirm several facts before hiring them. Among the information you should obtain include:

  • Proof of a state plumbing license and the license number: This insures that the company is providing services and repairs according to required standards and per plumbing code.
  • Evidence of workers’ compensation and liability insurance policies: Insurances protects you and our property in the event you suffer damages resulting from the services or actions of the plumbing company.  Never hire an uninsured or licenses plumber.
  • Customer references:  The words and opinion of others is important to what you should expect.  More so, if a warranty or recall of the work performed is needed.
  • Ratings from the Better Business Bureau and other pertinent organizations: Better Business Bureau provides consumers with history of disputes.  These disputes and resolutions will demonstrate the credibility of the company and their ability to resolve dissatisfaction or damages to their clients.

Although reviews and references from customers don’t guarantee that you’ll get exceptional plumbing service, the best plumbers typically have good ratings and reviews from past customers.

Ask how long the plumbing company has been in business. Beware of plumbers who have little or no experience, especially if you have a complex issue that needs to be remedied. You may even be able to find some of the suggested information on the company’s about us page.

Establish a Relationship

Sometimes the best plumber is the one you have a relationship and patronized for years.  Like any other company or service, plumbing companies and plumbers highly value returning customers.  Companies often give priority and discounts to returning customers as a token of appreciation.  Try to establish a relationship by contacting the same plumbing company when repairs are needed.  More so, request the same technician thereby establishing a relationship with the company and the technician.  Improve on the relationship and earn some bonus by referring your family and friends.  A credible and appreciative company will discount your next service for your ambassadorship.

Do’s and Don’ts

In conclusion, follow these easy points to succeed in finding the best plumber near you:


  • Check qualifications – The plumber for your need
  • Check reviews and Better Business Bureau
  • Get a quote in writing – ask for multiple options
  • Get a warranty in writing
  • Obtain proof of License and Insurance before work is started


  • Never hire uninsured or unlicensed plumber. Not worth the risk.
  • Never agree unless its in writing
  • Never pay before you inspect and see the problem solved

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