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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions about Plumbing

Get answers to most common questions about plumbing service in the Tampa area.  Use the search tool below to find specific answers or Contact Us to speak with a plumber about your plumbing repair needs.

Plumber visiting a customer to answer questions about plumbing problem and provide a free estimate for repairs
Plumber visiting a customer to answer questions about plumbing problem and provide a free estimate for repairs

Don't stress over guessing the cost of your plumbing issues - choose Choice Plumbing Tampa for an accurate, free in-home estimate! No need to worry about paying for a repair based on assumptions or false info. Our team is here and ready to provide you with a professional diagnosis so you can be sure that what needs done will get done (at the right price)! Let us show our appreciation by giving YOU a Free Estimate today.

Free In-Home Estimate
Free In-Home Estimate

You buy and we install. We can provide you with an installation service only even if you buy your fixtures, appliances and other replacement parts elsewhere. Get installation service for:

  • Water Heater
  • Garbage disposal
  • Shower valves and shower head
  • Toilet
  • Sink
  • Faucet
  • Water Filtration System
  • Any plumbing fixture, appliance or part

NO! We are not a plumbing retail store and do not sell directly however, our plumbing service does include parts and materials. If we provide you our plumbing service it will include any fixture, appliance, parts and materials needed to complete the repair.

We do not bill or provide services directly to your insurance carrier. Choice Plumbing Tampa provides plumbing service and billing directly to homeowners and property owners. The owner is responsible for paying for our services upon completion. We are licensed, certified and insured hence, you can submit our paid invoice to your insurance for reimbursement in accordance with your policy.

Are you experiencing issues with your pool plumbing? We might not be able to help, but we strongly recommend you reach out to a local pool store for reliable recommendations on finding the right service provider for your swimming pool problem. They'll qualified resources or even an in-house technician that can help you.

Choice Plumbing Tampa provides sewer and drain clearing service even if it's connected to your septic tank. However, we do not empty (septic pump out), install or repair septic tank or septic tank drain field. If you are certain that your septic tank needs to be emptied or needs repair, contact a local septic contractor who is licensed, insured and certified in your city or county.

Choice Plumbing Tampa provides a full plumbing fixture installation service including, bathroom sink, kitchen sink or laundry sink. NOTE: We do not install any undermount sink which needs to be attached to a granite surface. If you have a granite surface to attach a sink to, contact your granite provider as they have the proper tools to cut, drill and attach the sink to a granite material. We can install all the necessary plumbing including the sink's drain, garbage disposal and faucet to any type of sink.

NO! We do not work on RV plumbing systems, and we do not sell any RV plumbing parts. RV plumbing is much different than that of residential or commercial hence, should be repaired by a certified RV Repair Technician. If you are having a plumbing problem in your RV, we suggest contacting your local RV Dealer or repair shop.

Choice Plumbing Tampa is a Florida Certified Plumbing Contractor however, we specialize in plumbing service NOT new construction. We do not contract for new home construction or commercial construction.

NO! We do not provide any remodeling services or partake in a remodeling project needing plumbing. We recommend that you seek the recommendations of your General Contractor. NOTE: Often the skill of a Service Plumber is different from that of a Construction Plumber, be wise and select the qualified plumber.

Choice Plumbing Tampa can clean your drain lines before and after your grease trap. We use a hydro-jetting "jetting" method to clear any grease buildup in your drain-pipes. However, we DO NOT empty or repair grease traps.

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