Drain Cleaning Rooter Plumber in Tampa - Coupon
Drain Cleaning Rooter Plumber in Tampa - Coupon

Drain Cleaning Services

Drain cleaning services performed by a rooter plumber for any clogged drain.  24-hour service with a guaranty to unclog any blocked drain.

Clogged Drain Rooter Services:

  • Toilet: Unclog any toilet that is blocked or is draining slow
  • Sink: Bathroom Sink and Kitchen Sink drain clearing and repair.  We can fix slow draining kitchen sinks even if it has a garbage disposal attached.
  • Shower: Removal and unclog any style shower drain.  Cleaning of hair, soap scum or drain build-up.
  • Bathtub: Repair slow draining tubs of any kind, type or brand.  Complete service for unclogging, replacing and repairing of tub drains
  • Main Sewer Line: Sewer rooter service for clogged, damaged or backup of sewer drain-line.  Clearing of sewer stoppage or obstruction from sediment or roots.

You can expect a fast, efficient and professional skilled plumber to solve your drain problems the first time including a sewer line camera inspection which will scope the inside of your drainpipe and show you the inside of the drain line or main sewer pipe.

drain snaking with camera view
Sewer and main line cleaning
Clogged Drains and Sewer Line Cleaning Camera


Our drain cleaning rooter uses a video camera to locate the source and area in your drain needing repair or cleaning than provide a a visual of the problem prior to any recommended solutions. Our drain cleaning camera is used in all clogged drains pipes including main sewer drains.

We Unclog These Drain Types Fast

Kitchen Sink Drain Cleaning

Sink drain rooter service
Sink drain rooter plumber

Drain cleaning and unclogging service provides comfort and functionality of your plumbing. Kitchen sink drains are often clogged from food and grease residue our service can find why your sink is not draining and where the block is in the drain or sewer line using the latest technology like sewer and pipe camera.

Garbage Disposal Repair & Installation

Garbage Disposal repair or replacement is often the need when a kitchen sink fails to drain.  The garbage disposal unit is attached to the bottom of your sink and is part of your drain system. The various failures and malfunctions found in garbage disposal often restricts or even cause a complete drain blockage.  Our Plumber is equipped with all the parts and supplies needed for any kitchen sink including a new garbage disposal unit.  Get a free quote on a new Garbage Disposal installation with a 1 year warranty. Garbage Disposal Service:

  • Garbage Disposal Clogged Drain Cleaning Service
  • Garbage Disposal Drain Cleaning Service
  • Garbage Disposal Replacement & Installation
  • Garbage Disposal Repair Service

Bathroom Sink Drain Cleaning

Bathroom sink drain is usually clogged because of hair, soap scum buildup or debris which are stuck in the sink drain causing the water to drain slow or not at all.  Our professional plumbers are trained to inspect and provide the simplest and most affordable sink draining solutions.  Don’t stress call our emergency plumber service today for a quick and affordable drain cleaning service in Tampa.

Drain Cleaning – Clogged Toilet

toilet clogged and not drain. Choice Plumbing toilet drain cleaning Toilet drain unclog and clearing

A clean toilet drain is important to your health.  Your toilet backup and overflow is considered a biohazard contaminate.  Choice Plumbing in Tampa has an emergency plumber for all your toilet backup and sewage overflow.  Their services even include sewage overflow recovery, decontamination and disinfecting solutions.  A rapid response will prevent the exposure to hazardous and infectious conditions. If your toilet or home is having a slow draining problem call a professional plumber near you immediately. Sometime the drain cleaning and unclogging require a sewer camera and professional cleaning tools .

Drain Cleaning Rooter Plumber Is Needed When:

  • Slow draining toilet
  • Toilet requires multiple flushes
  • Frequent needs to plunge your toilet
  • Toilet stoppage
  • Toilet drain blockage

“Treat a slow drain before your home is exposed to toilet or sewage contamination, its cheaper and healthier!” ~ Nick Shif, Owner\Operator of Choice Plumbing in Tampa.

Shower & Bathtub Drain Cleaning

Plumber Rooter for drain cleaning and clogged drains
Drain cleaning rooter plumber service in Tampa.

Shower and bathtub drains are often constricted with the combination of hair and residue of soap.  Unlike sink drains, showers and bathtubs do not provide access to the  p-trap drain often located in the floor.  If the blockage is in close proximity to the drain a plumber snake would be effective in unclogging the drain otherwise, the plumber must use a power snake from the main sewer drain access point outside the home.  Our shower and bathtub drain cleaning service is accompanied by an in-line drain camera which will pinpoint the location of the blockage and its distance from the access point.


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